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Our Team

We are a team of passionate and talented professionals committed to providing superior customer service. We believe the only way to deliver great solutions is through passion and dedication. Backed by our strong expertise in the financial service and technology industries, our global team of over 80 employees takes pride in the work that we do. With a recently established team in Europe, we are confident that LEAN WORK will continue to break new ground and achieve greater heights as we continue to evolve.

European Office

Li Rao is a veteran of the Forex industry with over 10 years of experience under her belt. From ASM to CSO, she has lived and breathed sales throughout all the different stages and life cycles of FX brokers. Li Rao commands in-depth understanding of Sales, Marketing, BD, Affiliation and FX Technologies. She is a remarkable leader who has succesfully setup and managed diverse, multifunctional  teams all over the world. Through her decadelong knowledge of the industry, market experience and immeasurable passion, Li Rao is determined to help Lean Work and Lean Work clients achieve maximum potential.

Li Rao

Managing Director

Fabiana di Francesco graduated from the University of Rome Tor Vergata with a degree in business management, specializing in services and communication. Born and raised in Italy, Fabiana's passion for learning led her to Cyprus. Prior to joining Lean Work, she was a sales and marketing manager for top financial firms and a digital marketing agency. Apart from being a passionate employee, colleagues admire Fabiana for her great organization and people skills, a testament to her genuine love for communication and human interaction.

Fabiana Di Francesco

Marketing Manager

Joan Recolons graduated from the Leiden University in the Netherlands and moved to China in 2004 to complete his studies at the Yunnan Normal University in Kunming, Yunnan Province, where he settled after his studies. After spending 10 years in China he moved to Mauritius where he taught Chinese at the Middlesex University Campus Mauritius. In 2015 he moved to Cyprus to start a career in the Forex Industry, working as Customer Support Agent in some of the most prestigious FX Brokers of the island. Joan speaks fluently seven different languages and he’s a self-motivated individual who has proven to be an extremely valuable asset for LEAN WORK since the time he joined the company.

Joan Recolons

Client Success Manager

Global Office

Science and technology power financial advocater, lean entrepreneurship practitioners, continuous business. He has worked in the world famous financial foreign exchange platform IFX Markets, accumulated more than 12 years of foreign exchange industry, Internet business management experience. In 2014, LEAN WORK, a leading cloud provider in the financial industry, was committed to leading LEAN WORK to deepen the accumulation of foreign exchange and gradually become the leading SaaS service provider in the global financial industry.

Darren Qian

Founder & CEO

She has got the full mark on math in college entrance examination and then graduated from Jiangnan University with Computer & Science Master Degree. She was working at the Tencent R&D department and participated in the design & development of Global Forex Exchange Trader Community project. She strives to obtain the best in product designing.

Tiny Liu